You may be asking why we have placed this fish symbol on our web site that may have you pondering: "What is it?" and "Why is it included on a business site?"

What is it?  

The "fish" that appears on this web site is an ancient symbol, reportedly adopted by Christians during the first century AD to identify themselves to each other as fellow followers of Jesus Christ. As Christians, we choose to display this symbol to identify ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ.

Why is it included on a business site?  

We choose to display the "fish" on this web site to establish the manner in which we operate our company. Our commitment is to serve you with integrity, treat you with respect, and put your interest before our bottom line. We believe these values, rooted in Biblical principles, set our organization apart from others.

Additionally, as with everything in life, we believe that nothing is possible without the blessing of God.  This web site is no exception. Although we put forth plenty of hard work to develop and grow this business, we recognize that our success is possible only through God and it would be wrong for us to take all the credit. As a result, we are proud to identify LCJ Marketing Source Inc. as a Christian-based business serving God.

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